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Avoiding Injury, Top Tips

How important is core strength for running?

This is another one of those questions that keeps cropping up. Especially from beginner runners but surprisingly perhaps even more seasoned runners ask me it from time to time too. The short answer is VERY important. The long answer is that a good strong core is crucial for running and many other basic daily tasks performed whilst […Read More]

Avoiding Injury, Endurance, Speed, Top Tips

Base Training

Base training is a term that is bandied about quite a lot in running circles. If you’re relatively new to running you may not know a lot about it. In this blog article I’m going to try to explain a bit more about base training. And give some insight into my approach to it. Table of […Read More]

Mental Training, Top Tips

What to do when your marathon race is cancelled & coronavirus advice for runners

The above video was recorded and published on the 18th March 2020We live in “interesting” times.The situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is changing on a daily basis.I will endeavour to add to the notes below and keep them as up-to-date as I can. As I’m aware that the above video may well seem dated […Read More]

Avoiding Injury, Nutrition, Top Tips

Hydration & the Importance of Electrolytes

Every time you run you will sweat – when it’s hot and humid you will sweat a lot more. Everybody knows that – it’s no secret. But not many people understand what’s in your sweat and the importance of maintaining a balance of those vital ingredients in your body.Sweating is our bodies main way of cooling […Read More]

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Here's what runners say about Coach D

Elizabeth Ayres

Charity team marathon runner

" Hi Dave, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your advice these last few months, without it I would never have survived Brighton yesterday and now have faith that I will cross the London marathon finish line. Thank You! "

Michael Wildbore

Charity team marathon runner

" Thanks for all your advice and help Dave. I wouldn't have done my first marathon in 3:14:46 without you and all your videos. I know I thanked you earlier this afternoon, but I just want to say thanks again and again..."

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