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Want to get your own personal UKA licensed running coach to help transform your running skills and achieve faster race times?

Someone that has-your-back and can motivate you and keep you on track (no running pun intended).

Working with a good coach has been proven to significantly accelerate progress.

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Running Technique Coach

Running Technique Analysis

I use video gait analysis and movement pattern screening to get a detailed assessment of how you move. Then create highly personalised training to help you improve.

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Your breathing is largely an automatic process, that doesn't mean that it's optimal. There's a lot you can do to boost your fitness, recovery and performance by improving the way you breathe. 

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Training Plans

I offer both ready-made and tailored training plans to match your own goals.

Designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be as efficiently as possible.

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Online Courses

Runner specific training to help improve all aspects of your training and fitness.

Packed with actionable advice and guidance from a UKA qualified and licensed running coach.

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Achieve Your Goals

Whether you hire me as a running coach, buy one of my training plans/courses or just read my blog and newsletter. My focus is to provide what you need to achieve your own running goals.

I use plain language and try to avoid technical terms as much as possible. I work with "ordinary" runners and help them achieve their best by training smarter not harder.

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Here's what runners say about Coach D


I took up running again recently and chose Dave to be my coach. He has been amazing and I recently completed my first 10k! I couldn’t have done it without him. His training plans are tailored, sensible and easy to follow. He gets you there gradually without causing burn out, injury or pushing more than your body can take. His knowledge of technique and his tips on everything from stretches, diet and how to manage your cycle as a woman and still get the best out of your training plan has been second to none. He does all this with a unique humour that really gets you through and keeps you motivated.


I started my journey with Dave with a running technique analysis (I had run a bit previously but not for a few years, and lockdown didn’t help), as I was finding getting back into running quite difficult. He is very personable, and has a wealth of knowledge which he is always happy to share. As an almost 50 year old coming back to running, the prospect was daunting, but Dave has been great. He knows about getting older and all the aches and pains that come with that, so is able to tailor your running sessions to you and make sure your form is good. I run with him at Greenham Common, it’s a great place to run and every week is something different. I have found (through Dave) that nasal breathing is for me - no other running coach has mentioned this to me, and it has made so much of a difference to my running it’s untrue! Dave is very knowledgeable on this subject, and is again happy to share his knowledge. He is absolutely non-judgmental, very encouraging, and never makes you feel like you are too slow. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to return to, start, or improve their running to have a chat with Dave. I’m so glad I did - he has reignited my love of activity, and has helped me to get back into running completely injury-free. There’s absolutely nothing more I could wish for from a running coach!!! 🤩


I discovered running quite late in life, but really took to it. I felt I was running reasonably well for my age, and wanted to do better, but was hampered by frequent muscle injuries. I decided to get some one-to-one help from Dave at Running Directions, which I feel has helped me improve. Perhaps the biggest improvement is to my running style and foot placement, which I am sure has contributed to reduced injuries. With less injuries and personalised training, I am running my current target times and building up to half marathon distances. I would recommend the training as informed, practical and enjoyable (ish!) with some tangible improvements.


Dave was absolutely excellent in both enthusiasm and service. For a new startup the app and depth of programme was fantastic and went a long way towards me beating my running goals. The advice he’s given has pushed me much closer to a 3 hour marathon - would really recommend


I never liked running (and I am 64 years old) but I needed to do something during lock down. I started on my own but soon had to stop with achilles problems.I have been having a training session with Dave on Greenham Common, which is ideal for running. Dave has huge experience and understanding of the physical and mental aspects of running. He started with technique and I have now progressed through these sessions and "homework" to running 10km. I would never have thought it possible! I always enjoy meeting Dave and I'm now concentrating on speed to find where my limits are.


Dave has helped me running my first half marathon with a personalised training program. Also, he has corrected my running technique and I feel I am more efficient than I have ever been. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave, his knowledge, professionalism, and attitude have made the training interesting and insightful.


Elizabeth Ayres

Charity team marathon runner

" Hi Dave, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your advice these last few months, without it I would never have survived Brighton yesterday and now have faith that I will cross the London marathon finish line. Thank You! "

Michael Wildbore

Charity team marathon runner

" Thanks for all your advice and help Dave. I wouldn't have done my first marathon in 3:14:46 without you and all your videos. I know I thanked you earlier this afternoon, but I just want to say thanks again and again..."

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