Are Athletes Really Getting Faster?

Whilst training for a recent marathon I chose to read a book for inspiration. The book was “Today We Die a Little – The Rise & Fall of Emil Zatopek – Olympic Legend” written by Richard Askwith. It’s a biography of Emil Zatopek – one of my all time running heros. It’s a great book […]

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Are you a Mosquito Magnet?

Runners get more mosquito bites than sedentary individuals – learn how to avoid the pesky little blood-suckers. The name Mosquito is considered to have it’s origin in the Spanish language, being a combination of the words “mosca” = fly and “ito” = miniscule. Mosquitos are remarkable little critters. There are more than 3500 known species of […]

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Why being ‘Trigger-Happy’ can make you a better runner.

Consistency is the Key, Without it you cannot realistically expect to reach your full potential! Ok, the title of this blog post probably isn’t making much sense. So, I’d better explain what I mean by being “Trigger-Happy“. Whilst consistency is definitely key to achieving improvement. Making sure that you run regularly and consistently is a […]

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Do you suffer from TMTS Syndrome?

TMTS syndrome is the number one cause of running injuries worldwide and you’ve probably never heard of it… So what is TMTS syndrome? And why haven’t you heard of it before? TMTS (Too Much Too Soon) Syndrome is a guaranteed recipe for disaster in virtually every endeavour known to man (a little too dramatic? – […]

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Are you ready to Spice Things Up?

VARIETY could be just what you need… I’ve got something a little bit different for you today. In-line with the theme of this email, I’m going to spice things up, by not relying solely on the written word and using a different medium: VIDEO The video’s short and to the point and is meant to […]

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