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7 Day Mindful Running Challenge

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About this course

A week long challenge to introduce you to the benefits of Mindful Running.

Learn how to better manage your stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Whilst at the same time improving your running efficiency, motivation and enjoyment.

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Course Structure

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Find out what mindfulness is, the benefits of it and how it applies to running.



This challenge has been designed to help you be a more mindful runner and to give you some valuable tools to make running more enjoyable. It can also help reduce you stress and anxiety levels.


As I created this challenge during lockdown I added these useful additional bonuses: 

  • Simple Home Workouts for Runners
  • Immune Boosting Checklist
  • Sleep Hygiene
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The 7 Day Challenge

Find out what to expect and how the challenge is structured.

Each daily task is also explained and listed.

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This is where you'll find the resources to download and use during the challenge.

I've also included some other useful resources for you that you can refer to and use during the challenge or afterwards.

Mindfulness Quiz

Take the quiz to set a benchmark.

Useful Apps

Here are a collection of apps you can use to hep you with meditation and gratitude.

Recommended Reading

This is a list of good books on the subject of mindfulness. 

No need to get them for the purposes of this challenge. But worth looking into afterwards if you'd like to further your mindfulness practice.