Personal Running Coaching 

Work with an experienced UK Athletics qualified and licensed Running Coach.

A specialist in Running for Fitness and Endurance Racing (5km up to Ultra).

West Berkshire - or other locations by prior agreement

Looking for a personal Running Coach in Newbury, Thatcham or West Berks?

Running Directions is based in Thatcham and provides  a wide range of personal running coach services. Suitable for complete beginners wanting to make sure they get started the right way - all the way up to advanced competitive athletes. Personal running coaching can help you get out of a performance plateau and take your running to the next level.

Get Coach D to create a specific coaching sessions just for you:

  • Work on your running technique
  • Work on your speed or your endurance
  • Get personalised advice to help you prepare for a key race or achieve your running goals

Coaching usually takes place in West Berkshire:

  • Henwick Worthy Sports Ground, Thatcham RG18 3BN
  • Greenham Common, Newbury RG19 8BZ

Coach D will also travel to another suitable venue within 15 to 20 mins drive of Newbury/Thatcham. And potential further outside of West Berks for group bookings. Alternative locations must be agreed before making a booking.

To enquire about and agree an alternative  coaching location please Click Here.

Click the button below to enquire about working with me:

Please bear in mind that the alternative venue must be suitable - i.e:

  • Outdoors
  • Public open space
  • Well lit
  • Have a reasonable surface to run on (grass/trail/tarmac) without obstacles/potentials for injury
  • Ideally closed to vehicular traffic
  • Ideally have some space for changing with a wc close by
1to1-Running Coaching, Newbury, Thatcham, West Berks

£45 per 60 minutes

Professional-Group-Running-Coaching, Newbury, Thatcham, West Berks

£ Varies With Group Size

Here's what people are saying about working with Coach D:


I took up running again recently and chose Dave to be my coach. He has been amazing and I recently completed my first 10k! I couldn’t have done it without him. His training plans are tailored, sensible and easy to follow. He gets you there gradually without causing burn out, injury or pushing more than your body can take. His knowledge of technique and his tips on everything from stretches, diet and how to manage your cycle as a woman and still get the best out of your training plan has been second to none. He does all this with a unique humour that really gets you through and keeps you motivated.


I started my journey with Dave with a running technique analysis (I had run a bit previously but not for a few years, and lockdown didn’t help), as I was finding getting back into running quite difficult. He is very personable, and has a wealth of knowledge which he is always happy to share. As an almost 50 year old coming back to running, the prospect was daunting, but Dave has been great. He knows about getting older and all the aches and pains that come with that, so is able to tailor your running sessions to you and make sure your form is good. I run with him at Greenham Common, it’s a great place to run and every week is something different. I have found (through Dave) that nasal breathing is for me - no other running coach has mentioned this to me, and it has made so much of a difference to my running it’s untrue! Dave is very knowledgeable on this subject, and is again happy to share his knowledge. He is absolutely non-judgmental, very encouraging, and never makes you feel like you are too slow. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to return to, start, or improve their running to have a chat with Dave. I’m so glad I did - he has reignited my love of activity, and has helped me to get back into running completely injury-free. There’s absolutely nothing more I could wish for from a running coach!!! 🤩


I discovered running quite late in life, but really took to it. I felt I was running reasonably well for my age, and wanted to do better, but was hampered by frequent muscle injuries. I decided to get some one-to-one help from Dave at Running Directions, which I feel has helped me improve. Perhaps the biggest improvement is to my running style and foot placement, which I am sure has contributed to reduced injuries. With less injuries and personalised training, I am running my current target times and building up to half marathon distances. I would recommend the training as informed, practical and enjoyable (ish!) with some tangible improvements.


Dave was absolutely excellent in both enthusiasm and service. For a new startup the app and depth of programme was fantastic and went a long way towards me beating my running goals. The advice he’s given has pushed me much closer to a 3 hour marathon - would really recommend


I never liked running (and I am 64 years old) but I needed to do something during lock down. I started on my own but soon had to stop with achilles problems.I have been having a training session with Dave on Greenham Common, which is ideal for running. Dave has huge experience and understanding of the physical and mental aspects of running. He started with technique and I have now progressed through these sessions and "homework" to running 10km. I would never have thought it possible! I always enjoy meeting Dave and I'm now concentrating on speed to find where my limits are.


Dave has helped me running my first half marathon with a personalised training program. Also, he has corrected my running technique and I feel I am more efficient than I have ever been. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave, his knowledge, professionalism, and attitude have made the training interesting and insightful.

Customer Testimonial for in person running coaching

"I never liked running (and I am 64 years old) but I needed to do something during lock down. I started on my own but soon had to stop with achilles problems.

I have been having a training session with Dave on Greenham Common, which is ideal for running. Dave has huge experience and understanding of the physical and mental aspects of running. He started with technique and I have now progressed through these sessions and "homework" to running 10km. I would never have thought it possible! I always enjoy meeting Dave and I'm now concentrating on speed to find where my limits are."

John Bruton 1-2-1 Coaching Client

What to expect

Every 1-to-1 or personal group coaching session will be unique and I will create a bespoke session plan based on what you or your group want to achieve. There are certain aspects that will be in most session plans and they will generally follow a similar pattern. You can expect the following general format in a typical coaching session:

Likely Session Format

  • Discussion/confirmation of objectives
  • Warm-Up
  • Assessments / Drills
  • Main session activities. Will include some running (obviously) and could also involve some video recording and discussion around what is visible on screen. May also include other activities e.g strength and conditioning exercises.
  • Cool Down
  • Recap/de-brief discussion


Please ensure that you dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions and to perform exercises and run. Things to consider would include:

  • Running shoes (in good condition)
  • Clothing appropriate for exercise/running - ideally technical 'wicking' fabrics
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Gloves

Other Considerations

Please do bring something to drink - especially if the weather is warm/humid, as you are likely to work up a sweat.

In Spring/Summer months, please apply sunscreen to exposed skin before coming to your coaching session.

Coaching sessions will take place outdoors in public areas. There will most likely be members of the public making use of the space at the same time. This could include:

  • dog walkers,
  • other runners,
  • cyclists and
  • children playing.

You must be considerate of others at all times but also be aware that they may be around or passing at any time - possibly at speed. So it's important to be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.

Use of Video

It is possible that Coach D will want to take some video of you running/performing certain movements in order to better analyse your technique and/or to help explain to you how you currently move.


A mobile phone or tablet will normally be used to take these videos. 

In most instances these will be deleted after the session is completed. They will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.

Should you wish to have a copy of the video, this can be arranged, though depending on what is wanted (raw file - or video with annotation and commentary), there may be an additional charge. Once the videos are delivered to you and you've confirmed receipt, the original files will be deleted unless otherwise specified/agreed.

Coach D will discuss the use of video with you during the session if it is deemed useful. You will be given the opportunity to decline.

Your Health

It is assumed that you're in general good health and without illness/injury that could have a negative affect on your participation in exercise/running.

If you cannot walk/run pain free, then you should probably not be having a coaching session or running technique assessment. As the way you move and your ability to perform drills/exercises that Coach D may ask of you will be negatively impacted and make the coaching session far less useful for you.

If you have any doubts about whether you currently have any issues that could impact your ability to run/exercise. Please let Coach D know ASAP via email. 

Coach D will then respond with his assessment and may suggest that the session is postponed or cancelled.

NB: Coach D is NOT a medical professional and cannot diagnose any medical conditions or injuries. But he does have a good understanding of how certain issues can impact an individuals ability to run well.


If at any point during your coaching session you begin to feel unwell, or pick up an injury, you must inform Coach D immediately.

Coach D has had first aid training and will have a first aid kit just in case. Fingers crossed it will never get used.

West Berkshire Locations

1. Greenham Common - meet next to the control tower, accessed off Burys Bank Rd, Newbury, Thatcham RG19 8BZ

Greenham Common Control Tower Map

2. Henwick Worthy Sports Ground, Henwick Lane, Thatcham, RG18 3BN

Meet next to the main building/changing rooms at the end of the car park

Henwick Worthy Sports Grounds

Additional venue information and directions available via this link 

If you're still not sure if personal running coaching is right for you just get in touch and have a no obligation discussion. I'm a professional running coach not a pushy sales person and would never recommend something if I didn't believe it was going to be of benefit.

There are many advantages available to you by getting some personal running coaching - as outlined in this article on the RunnersWorld website.

I believe in keeping things SIMPLE

Don't be baffled by technical terms. Work with a running coach that uses plain language.

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