De-stress YOUR Marathon Training

With an easy to follow, step-by-step training system to achieve your best marathon performance… even if you're over 40 and can only run 3 times a week!

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Every year between 300 and 500 runners that start the London marathon fail to finish it.

65% of runners that complete a marathon fail to make their target time.

Those are some shocking statistics, but why do so many marathon runners fail?

Ask yourself the following questions and maybe you'll start to get an inkling...

  • Have you run a marathon and felt that you could or should have done much better. That your training was 'wasted'?
  • Have you tried several different 'generic' training plans - but still come up short on race day?
  • Have you searched online for a training plan that suits you. But failed to find one that was even close to matching your life schedule and time goals? Then ended up choosing one, but didn't really know how best to adapt it to your own needs.
  • Have you googled for general marathon running advice and been overwhelmed with "too much information". With a a lot of of it being contradictory - and been unsure what sources to trust?
  • Have you tried to carb-load before a marathon based on online advice and ended up feeling bloated and lethargic?
  • Have you started your marathon race full of vim and vigour only to crash and burn in the second half?
  • Have you dismissed the idea of getting a coach - because you're just not a 'good enough' runner? And besides you wouldn't know where to find one and imagine that they would be too expensive.

If you've found yourself nodding to any of the above, then you may be starting to realise that generic training plans and advice - just don't cut it anymore...

The Marathon Success System

A comprehensive online marathon training system that won't leave you guessing what you should be doing at any stage. Everything you need in one concise easy to follow package. Includes:

  • Personalisable & Flexible Training Plan
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercises
  • Nutrition Advice and Recipes
  • Sports Psychology/Mindset Training
  • Coaching Calls and Accountability Group
  • Injury Avoidance Advice and Routines

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will get an email with login details for a private area of the Running Directions website. This is where you can access all the training videos, your training plan and other downloadable course materials.

You'll also get access to a private Facebook and Strava group*. Where you can interact with your fellow runners and Coach D.

Personalisable Training Plan

Get a phased, progressive training plan that you can personalise to suit your own busy life schedule. Choose what days to do your training on and how many days a week to run (flexibility to go from from 3 to 6). 

Aiming for a specific time goal. Your plan will include specific pacing advice to get you there.

Strength & Conditioning

Don't second guess what exercises are best to do in preparation for a marathon. Get on board and have a regular progressive strength and conditioning element built into your programme. Purposely designed to get your legs marathon ready and avoid fatigue induced cramping during the race.

This is vital if you're over 30 and haven't been running for very long.


Making sure that you eat a healthy balance of nutrients will help you get the most out of your training and help you recover quicker.

You will get information on the basics of nutrition for endurance sports + healthy, easy to prepare recipes.

Also included are handy calculators to assess your energy requirements for the marathon. So you can plan how much fuel you'll need and when to eat it.

Mindset Training

Sports Psychology and mindset training has become a must for all top level athletes. And it's not surprising because anyone that has ever completed an endurance event will tell you that mental toughness is every bit as important if not more important than physical preparation.

But very few amateur runners even consider this side of training.

This system includes training and worksheets for goal setting/motivation and guided visualisation recordings.

Accountability Group

Staying on track with your training can be problematic. Especially when there's so much more going on and when it's so easy to let your enthusiasm wane.

Don't let that sabotage your training and leave you ill prepared on race day. Get support from a group of like minded people. Who are all working their way through the same training.

It's been scientifically proven that humans perform better when they're being watched and supported. 

An Expert Guide

Work with a qualified, knowledgeable and highly experienced runner and coach with a proven track record of getting runners like you to the finish line in peak condition.

You will be able to ask Coach D your specific questions throughout the 16 weeks. 

Here’s what people are saying about my Training Plans

Some recent Running Directions Tailored Training Plan Successes 

Hannah Rees

1st time marathoner

I would without hesitation recommend to anyone to get a training plan from Running Directions.

Coach D wrote me the most brilliant tailored training plan. It was very simple and easy to follow. Each run was given a pace range to try to achieve which really helped. The variety of runs each week and the inclusion of cross training was fantastic.

Since completing the marathon that I was training for I have been asked many times what plan I used as it was so successful. I excelled my hopes/dreams and managed to achieve a ‘Good for Age’ time!

I will definitely be coming back to ask for another plan to be written for me soon.

Darren Lambert

Half marathon runner

My training plan was set up to perfectly help me achieve my target time for the half marathon. Which I achieved with some time to spare as well  :  )

The plan was varied and it was clearly explained how I could use the plan and change it to match my life.... as things always crop up. Otherwise, it would have been too easy to miss out the wrong sessions or not complete the training required to achieve my goals or rely on myself to try and tweak, badly, a free plan and set myself to fail.

The variety of activities included in the plan, meant it never became repetitive and the actualisation of seeing the improvement as I moved further through the plan was very satisfying.

I will definitely be recommending Running Direction's tailored training plans to others, who need a plan to match their running goals to their lifestyle.

Progressive Phased Training

The main marathon training plan is constructed using Coach D's proprietary Triple-Core Training SystemTM. Which includes 3 Core Runs per week. With optional additional runs for more advanced runners that are accustomed to running more frequently. The plan is also built in 4 main phases. Each is designed to progressively deliver the right training for you as you move through each week of your 16 week plan.


Phase 1: Preparation

This is when you set a strong foundation for what follows. Where you create the habits and routines and familiarise yourself with the training.


Phase 2: Progression

This is where you start to build the volume and intensity of your training.


Phase 3: Performance

This is where the training starts to get more race specific and also where the longest runs and maximum mileage will happen.


Phase 4: Peak

This is where the magic happens and you get to benefit from all your efforts and prime yourself for your best race performance.

Strength training is crucially important for runner's. Priming your legs to be able to take the 40,000 to 50,000 steps needed to complete the full race distance is a MUST. That's why I've developed my strategic strength protocol exercises. To produce a phased, marathon specific strength training routine that will build endurance and cramping resistance in the key muscles - so that you finish strong and recover quicker than many of your friends will...


Yes there are bonuses too!

Bonus 1

Coach D teaches you the must-do logistics for the run-up to the race. As well as the best strategy and tactics to use on race day. 

Plus guidance on recovery if (heaven forbid) you do happen to need it during training

Bonus 3
Kit Advice

An invaluable resource filled with advice about selecting the best kit for long distance running.

This will cover everything you wear + hydration backpacks/vests etc

Bonus 2
Charity Fundraising Tips

An additional unit full of useful and actionable advice that you can use to help get to your sponsorship target as soon as possible.

Bonus 4
Discount Codes

For my own personal favourite online retailer where I buy most of my kit and also for my favourite 'budget' brand sports wear too. 

Meet The Marathon Success System Creator,
(Coach D)

Coach D is a UK Athletics licensed Running Coach and he specialises in coaching runners for Endurance events. As well as having a proven track record coaching runners of all abilities, he also has a wealth of personal experience built over more than three decades of regular recreational running and racing.


He's completed many marathons (including London) and has learned many valuable lessons over the years from making mistakes and getting things 'wrong' - both in training and during races. 

He's also recently knocked almost 7 minutes off his Marathon PB - at the age of 52!

By following the training methods contained in this very coaching program.

Here’s what people are saying about Coach D

Jools Waite

10k Charity team runner

Knowledgable, kind and effective.

Max Masters

Marathon runner

Literally the day after our session i began running with a metronome as you showed me and beat my 10km pb on a normal training run without even really thinking about it!

Nicola Pittom

10k Charity team runner

Supportive every step of your running journey to meet your goal

Is The Marathon Success System Good Value?

Let's put this Complete System in context and take some examples of individual products and services that are available to purchase elsewhere online today:

  • A 16 week customised training plan will cost in the region of £80 to £100
  • 1-2-1 online coaching costs in the region of £100 to £300 per month (I've even been quoted £550/month! & that was for group coaching - not 1-2-1). Which works out at £400 to £1200 for 16 weeks
  • A marathon specific strength & conditioning training plan will cost you £79 to £150
  • Marathon specific nutrition course is usually in the range of £90 to £120
  • Total price for all these items separately could cost as much as £650 to £1570

But all of these things are included in the Marathon Success System, so you don't have to stitch different offerings together. Or miss out on an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle and ultimately fall short of hitting your potential best marathon performance. And all for about the same price as a shop bought coffee per day!

You could also learn everything yourself and be your own coach in all these areas. That will take a LONG time - but it's absolutely possible. I'm proof of that, though it took me 30+ years to amass my knowledge and experience. You get to benefit from everything I've learned through my hard work, blood, sweat, tears, blisters, lost toenails, exams, practical assessments and coaching experience in the Marathon Success System.

Enrolments closed on June 14th 2021


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

If you're not happy with the Marathon Success System for any reason. Send me an email within 14 days of your original purchase and I'll refund you the full purchase price. You don’t have to tell me why you want a refund, but I'd be grateful if you could, as it will help me to make valuable improvements.

I always strive for client satisfaction and long-term relationships. This money-back guarantee is one of the measures I take to ensure my clients receive excellent service. It's also an honest way to remove doubt and allow you to try one of my products risk-free. You have absolutely nothing to loose but will gain so much.

Don’t wait! Look at what these marathon runners have to say about working with Coach D

Michael Wildbore

Charity team marathoner

Thanks for all your advice and help Dave.

I wouldn't have done my first marathon in 3:14:46 without you and all your videos. I know I thanked you earlier this afternoon, but I just want to say thanks again and again...

Elizabeth Ayres

Charity team marathoner

Hi Dave, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your advice these last few months,

without it I would never have survived Brighton yesterday and now have faith that I will cross the London marathon finish line. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

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I do hope you'll choose to join me and let me help you get to the start line of the London Marathon (or other Autumn Marathon) 2021 in the best shape possible.

I'm very proud of the Marathon Success System. I know it's just what you need to give you the confidence, motivation, guidance and support to run your best marathon yet!

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