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In my experience runner's approach their core strength training in several different ways. I've boiled this down into 5 main profiles or types. Take this FREE assessment to find out your runner's core strength profile type. When you take this assessment, you'll get a free report that outlines your Runner's Core Strength Profile Type and what if anything you should work on, based on your unique answers to the questions in this short yet insightful assessment.

  • Discover your Runner's Core Strength Profile Type
  • Discover which core exercises would be good for you
  • Discover the next steps you should take to boost your core strength
  • And much more

Having a strong core is crucial for runners to be able to perform at their best - in training and in races. A strong core also helps reduce the risk of injury or developing chronic longterm niggles. So you can train and run more consistently.

Coach D - Running Directions Founder

Discover your Runner's Core Strength Profile Type

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