Running Calculators

Being able to calculate pace and speed quickly and easily can be very useful for runners. 

To help you with some of the basics I've produced some super-easy to use calculators so that you can:

  • Convert Miles to Km 
  • Convert Km to Miles
  • Calculate a Race Finish Time from an average Pace
  • Calculate average pace and speed for a race finish time
  • Calculate your VO2 Max

And just for fun:

  • Calculate the cumulative total distance for all the races you've ever completed

Just refresh this page in your browser to reset the calculators and have another go.

Running Calculators

Distance Unit Converter

If you work in miles but a running friend of yours likes to work in km, it can get confusing to discuss and agree running routes. The following calculator should make sure you understand each other better. You're welcome...

Dist Unit Converter (#10)

  • Type in the distance you want to convert below
  • Choose the existing distance unit (miles or km)
  • The result will then be displayed automatically


Calculate Your Race Finish Time

Use this next calculator to estimate your race finish time - based on a consistent average pace in either minutes/mile or minutes/km. 

Race Finish Time Calculator (#18)

  • Enter your target average race pace below
  • Choose your unit (mins/miles or mins/km)
  • Select the race distance from the drop-down menu
  • The finish time for that pace will then display automatically

Race Pace & Speed Calculator

Have you ever had some smart-arse (usually not a runner) ask you what was your average 'speed' for a race you've just completed? Or maybe you're just curious to find that out yourself. Well fear not my running friend - I can help you with that. And you don't have to dig out your old school calculator or rummage through your phone settings. Just use this handy calculator:

Race Pace/Speed Calculation (#11)

Enter your target or recent race finish time below:


Race Distance

Select your race distance from the drop-down menu below:




Simple VO2 Max Calculator

Use the simple calculator below to estimate your VO2Max based on your resting heart rate and your age:

VO2Max (#19)

  • Type in both your RHR reading and your age below
  • RHR = Resting Heart Rate. To measure this, simply count the number of times your heart beats in 1 minute whilst you're at rest. Or the number of times your heart beats in 20 seconds and then multiply that number by 3
  • Age = Your age to the nearest year
  • The estimate will display automatically


A word of caution, I personally find this method far too simplistic. Because it uses the standard 220 minus your age to estimate Max HR. Then drops that number into the following formula (Max HR/RHR) x 15.3 

If your actual Max HR is higher than 220 minus your age then the result may be a little bit adrift for you.

Total Racing Distance

I've created this calculator simply because I could and it amused me. Obviously this isn't a grand total of all the running you've ever done, as it doesn't factor in your training runs. But it's still an eye opener.

If you run ultra distance races, I'm afraid you'll have to use your fingers and toes to tally those up and add them on afterwards. Apologies for that - but there could be a very long list of boxes that most people left blank if I included absolutely every race distance. I haven't included school egg & spoon races for the same reason. And if your egg & spoon races were ultra distance events - then I'm glad I didn't go to your school.

Total Racing Distance (#13)

Enter the number of races you've completed for each of the race distances below. You may need to count the meddles on your snazzy display rack for this one.

Total distance for ALL races

The totals below indicate the cumulative total for how far you've run in races so far:


Now aren't you glad you did that?

If you want a real treat - go to this map, enter your post code or address, input your total racing distance and see how far away from your neighbours it could get you.

If you're not sure how it works - watch the demonstration video below.

It's time to get some Direction in your Running