Tailored Training Plans:

Choose Your Tailored Training Plan

Prime yourself for race day with a results focused, efficient customised training plan. No matter what your experience level. Get ready to smash your previous best race time. Set a solid foundation for your target race with an intelligently crafted personalised training plan. Give yourself the best opportunity of success in your chosen target race. By following a tried and tested science based progressive approach to prepare yourself to take on any running challenge. Get a tailored race specific plan written just for YOU.

up to 8 weeks duration

between 13 and 16 weeks duration

between 21 and 24 weeks duration

between 9 and 12 weeks duration

between 17 and 20 weeks duration

if you want something different

 Group Tailored Training Plan

Are you part of a team or organisation taking on a race challenge together? Would you like a coach to assess your team and produce individual training plans for all? I may be able to help. Click the "Enquire Now" button below and tell me what you need:

£ Varies

What You Get:

  • A printable PDF training plan  customised to your target race(s) your own ability level, preferred unit of measure (miles or km) and the days of the week you're available to train - delivered by email
  • Access to a private online platform containing your Training Plan Companion. With clear concise instruction videos and text
  • Personalised training and race paces calculated based on your specific race goals and your current fitness/speed
  • Holidays, other races and other commitments all taken into account and included in your training plan

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