Boost Your Confidence with Expertly Crafted Training Plans 

Remove the worry about how to train and whether your training is good enough and enjoy your running more.

Good training plans are not just for elite level athletes - everyone can benefit from a well crafted training plan. No matter how slow or fast you run or how much running experience you have.

get direction and clarity in your training

Training Plans for ALL Popular Distances

Built on solid sports science principles without the jargon

Ready Made Training Plans

Ready made yet customisable training plans to suit your experience level and how many times a week you can run. You can choose from 3 to 6 training days to fit with your own work/life schedule.

Tailored Training Plans

Because YOU and your circumstances, wants, needs and desires are UNIQUE. Get a personalised training plan, built to reflect your strengths and weaknesses. Meticulously crafted around your work, home-life, holidays, races and other commitments. 

My Training Philosophy

  • Simplicity and enjoyment are key factors to ensure your success
  • Clear and simple instructions in both text and video format
  • I avoid the use of technical jargon wherever possible
  • Most of my plans are based around 3 core runs + additional workouts (up to a max of 6 runs per week) for those that have the physical ability and experience
  • Flexibility - it's essential that you can run on days that suit your schedule not my whims
  • Running by 'Feel' or perceived effort is more important than nailing paces and distances every time
  • Early portions of most plans are largely based on time and effort rather than distance and speed
  • Latter portions of the plans do focus on Distance and Time to sharpen your race skills and hone-in on your target outcome
  • Rest and recovery are as important as the running - emphasised throughout
  • Progress and consistency are desirable - perfection is not
  • I can do the thinking and the planning - you still need to do the running and the grunt work

Ready Made Training Plans

Tailored Training Plans

Key Training Plan Features

Whether you choose a Tailored or an Ready-made Training Plan you can expect the following:


Produced by a UK Athletics Running Coach

You can relax in the knowledge that your training plan has been produced by a knowledgeable coach who is also a keen runner with a wealth of real-life training and racing experience.

Training Plans come with guidance on how to use them and explanations on how to perform each of the core sessions.

Don't worry - they're pretty straight forward and are designed with 'mere-mortals' in mind and are not heavily influenced by the training regimes of elite, full-time, professional athletes.


personalised paces

ALL Running Directions training plans include guide paces for each of the different core run workouts.

All paces are derived from your current level of fitness, ability and your target race time.

Unlike other training plans, your training paces are given as a range, rather than a single figure. This is a more realistic approach and caters for your natural fluctuations in energy and ability, as well as other external factors like terrain and weather conditions.



Each plan is specifically designed in phases, each building on the previous, targeting peak conditioning for your chosen race event.

Unlike some other plans, this doesn't mean that the phases focus solely on one aspect of fitness - endurance first, then strength, then speed. My plans include all elements throughout to ensure more rounded athletic development.


Don't be baffled by technical terms

I don't believe in using technical jargon when it's not necessary. Why risk confusion when you can use simpler language and really get the point across.

Efficient & Adaptable

Decades of experience, trial and error have gone into creating these plans. Resulting in stripped down, efficient training with all unnecessary elements removed. So you can be confident that you won't be doing more than necessary and risking injury and know that your workouts will still move the fitness needle in the right direction.

Imagine the pride you'll feel on finishing your target race

Earn the bragging rights, impress your friends and family, achieve your race time goals, set a new personal best race time. Get a Training Plan that can deliver. Choose a Ready Made Training Plan you can customise to suit yourself in minutes. Or get a Tailored Training Plan that is perfectly crafted for you from start to finish.

What are you waiting for?...

Ready Made Training Plans

Tailored Training Plans


All Ready Made Training Plans are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee for your peace-of-mind. Full details are available on the Running Directions Terms & Conditions page.

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